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Babajons Company as a supplier of fresh foodstuffs and by utilizing most skillful specialists in the field of export, is presenting the specialized services of import and export in such a manner to hold the responsibility of quality of products from the farm till the warehouse of destination and to provide assurance for the customers and colleagues by presenting full range of specialized services in export.

Babajons Company with the trade name of Babajons Trading- LTD, by utilizing the most modernized factory of foodstuffs production and packaging in Germany, is a founder of packing industry in dried fruits, cereals etc… and by over-increasing efforts and knowledge of more than 25 years of brilliant experience, caused that this company acquired superior rank in more than 50 countries and to maintain its position as an outstanding company in foodstuffs packing industry and in addition to allocating main share of European market was able to acquired foreign markets.

This company by holding number of branch offices throughout the world including Dubai, London, Turkey, Germany was able to allocated the big section of the world market for itself.

Also, this company in line with world standards with the effort and motivation of energetic experts, specialists and employees, was succeeded to obtained certificates of ISO 9001 and HACCP in the management of health quality and safety.

We, by minimizing the time period of delivery of exporting consignment to the buyers throughout the world, have increased considerably the export of pistachio within the last number of years.


We hope that with the slogan of durable export and applying sincerity, work conscience and better services to promote the export of pistachio and other products to its real and global position and as much as possible to provide better service to the production and promoting the export of strategic product like pistachio throughout the world.

Also, for more confidence of the customers, all foodstuffs products passes the quality control section and forwarded for the customers.

Also, this company is specialized in supplying pistachio and pistachio (kernel) nut for the last 25 years.

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