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Some of the dried type of grades includes seed and cornet, are called raisin. Raisin is a resistant product which after wine is a second product obtained from grape in the world. Date of production of sunny raisin is more than 3000 years ago.

One of the especial properties of raisin is economical production because is used from solar energy. Its packing materials are simple. The dried product with low volume and with long life storage period is an ordinary storing conditions. Meanwhile, equipments necessary for preparing raisin are very simple.



Some of the dried type of grades includes seed and cornet, are called raisin. Raisin is a resistant product which after wine is a second product obtained from grape in the world. Date of production of  sunny raisin is more than 3000 years ago.
One of the especial properties of raisin is economical production because is used from solar energy. Its packing materials are simple. The dried product with low volume and with long life storage period is an ordinary storing conditions. Meanwhile, equipments necessary for preparing raisin are very simple.
Types from grape are suitable for raisin having following specifications; high percentage of sugar, meaty status of cube, without core or with small core, softness of texture, uniformity of size of cube, instant dryness of cube . Of course, types of grape having high grain and sugar, is also used for preparing raisin named dry raisin. The most important type of grape suitable for raisin are white seedless (raisin or sultana), red seedless (red ozum),  white asgari, arrow type, dasteh chin, tabernacle etc….  and the most important type which is used for raisin throughout the world is: Thomson Seedless) which is different dialects known as Sultania, Sultanich, Keshmesh, Soltana.
Consumption issues of raisin includes: Dried fruits and nuts, food consumption (rice) sweets and chocolate industry, fruit juice and concentrated products factories, production of vinegar and grade juice and its waste products is used for animal food and honey bee.

Types of raisin includes:

1) Sunny raisin: Seedless grade dried under sun in form of brown color.

2) Sharp raisin or green or chisel raisin (Sultana): Seedless grade dried under sun mixed with Australian oil in  form of bright brown to brownish color.

3) Grade green or yellow or smoky color raisin (Golden Brench): seedless grade dried with sulfur smoke under shade in form of amber yellow color.

4) Currant Raisin: Dried type of other types of grades with core.

5) Currants Raisin: Dried type of ruby grapes

Golden Raisin:

While grade raisin is present in amber yellow to bright brown color and always dried under sulfur smoke, but for producing  sharp grades authorized alkali solutions are used which the final product is in bright yellow to brown color.

More interesting is that there are two types of seedy and seedless present in the market in such a manner that this classification is used for the production of raisin considering grape. Of course, in addition to raisin, currant raisin is also placed in this group which is the same raisin prepared from reddish black formed grapes or royal grape.

Sultana Raisin

Seedless raisin (Sultana) or golden seedless raisin after adding authorized edible oil to grapes  to maintain quality, are cleaned in an open area and placed under sunlight to become dry. The dried grades are washed by pure and clean water carefully in the washing compartment and the washing compartment is made of stainless vessel. Then the washed raisin are dried in greenhouse.

In case of demand of customers, raisin are disinfected by sulfur. Then, the wood is separated and transferred to maintenance (warehousing ) section. To become sure about the separation of wood and any type of impurity, raisin are inspected and graded by laser type of grading machine. Especially those products produced in Bairam factory. Now, seedless golden raisin with best quality are packed by machines with high technology and supplied to the  market for export. Then, the packages are transferred to  metal inspection section in order to clean any remaining metallic part.

Sunny Dry Raisin

This type of raisin is obtained by drying grape under sunlight and /or through chemical process. Raisin are very small with wrinkled crust and sweet taste. Raisin considering their  types have different colors. This product with dark brown to black color with smell and natural taste of raisin which is prepared without adding any material and by placing seedless grape under sunlight for the period of 3 to 4 weeks.

Kashmar Raisin

This type of green color raisin is grainy (seedy) and long and is produced in the north-east are of Iran and since the center of its production is a city of Kashmar, this product is known as Kashmar raisin. This type is very resistant from the viewpoint of persistence and with very delicious taste.

The city of Kashmar with 3200 hectares grade gardens for the production of delicate grade and unique raisin, is known as Pantry of Khorasan.

This product is unique from the viewpoint of softness, sweetness, pre-maturity  and free from soil contamination and non contact of cluster with soil in such a manner that grade of Kashmar due to not using chemical pesticides in planting and harvesting stages, is without any type of toxic remnants.

25% of Kashmar grape is consumed as a fresh food and 75% is changed to raisin. Raisin production of Kashmar which is processed in two green and  golden forms is well known as Kashmar green raisin and also demanded by number of countries.

Raisin of Kashmar with 3 kgs packaging is well known throughout the country as Kashmar green raisin and is also well known throughout the world. High quality , color and taste has placed Kashmar raisin in the high ranking product in such  a manner that this product has found its real place throughout national level and export. One of the most important centers producing grape is Kashmar area is city of  Kondar with very long historical record which is cultivating type of grapes including; asgari, arrow type, pre-mature ruby type), Sepidari, Rish baba, Sahebi, Rezghi, Divaneh, Lal, Baj, Siah, Siah Sorkhi, Mashkeh etc…..

Main portion of asgari and arrow type raisin are changed to yellow and green raison and  other items are mainly used as fresh diet.

Good Golden Raisin
Net Weight 200 g
Origin Iran
Taste/Type Golden

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Golden Raisin

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200 g





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    Как руководит Сергей Сароян: реальные истории клиентов, оставшихся ни с чем

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